Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen –

World RecordsOur next show is Friday night, June 16 with Spyro Gyra.  Yeah.  That’s right.  That’s what I said.  Spyro Gyra.

(See Show page for complete info.)

You listen to Spyro Gyra?  Have you ever listened to Spyro Gyra?

(This kinda reminds of the scene in the Bill Murray movie ‘Stripes,’ when he is trying to rally the platoon, and he asks them if they cried when ‘Old Yeller’ was shot.  Nobody raised their hand at first.  But one by one they all began to nod and raise their hands.)

If you were buying records in the 1970’s, very likely you had a variety of music in your collection: rock, soft rock, hard rock, Motown, pop, folk, and music you couldn’t really label.  Songs with few vocals, or no vocals, began to get airplay and find their way into record collections: Santana, Chuck Mangione, George Benson, and in 1979, a song called “Morning Dance” off the second album by a Buffalo, NY band named Spyro Gyra.  Listen to this –

OK now, you DO know this song.

And if you know anything about this group, you are not surprised they have released 31 albums, toured round and round the globe for nearly 40 years, and sold over 10 million albums!

I am SOOOOOOO pleased and proud that Spyro Gyra, a band we have stocked and sold for 35 years, is coming to play the new place.  Through all the time and money we spent making the room an acoustic highlight, through all the consultations with acousticians, I have been thinking about the possibility that Spyro Gyra could play the new place…because Spyro Gyra will show why we did everything we did.

You know why YOU should go see Spyro Gyra?  Dirty socks.  That’s right – Dirty socks.

If you’re married, lots of things happen that aren’t all that romantic.  Dirty socks, saying the wrong thing, or saying the right thing the wrong way, etc., etc., etc.  That stuff just happens, and nibbles away at the ‘sizzle’ you hopefully had with your spouse at one time.  (I’m telling you, World Records is a FULL-SERVICE record store!)  Two tickets to Spyro Gyra, maybe dress up a little bit, and you look like Don Juan.  You’re welcome!

AND dinner!  Martin, of Martin’s Meats, is seasoning up and grilling some of his summer sausage and boneless chicken for our pre-concert dinner.  Tickets are $10 and limited to 100 eaters.

And Dr. Doug Davis!  Doug has assembled a group of Bakersfield’s top players to open up the evening performing 5 of Doug’s original compositions.  It’s going to be really cool!

Now, that’s as far as I can take it.  YOU have to make your move.  Get your tickets and BE somebody.  Oh, and keep your dirty socks off the floor!

Just trying to help.  Pat

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