Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen –
World Records• Last Saturday at noon it was official – the sign came down from the pole in front of our temporary location once we completed moving everything down the stairs and to our home.

It was a HUGE job!  We moved as much as possible the past few weeks.  Then Friday night we began the move of the record store and worked until Saturday at noon.  THANK YOU wonderful volunteers: Paula Joseph, Lucky Joseph, Jewel Howard, Connor Cowen, Pat Cowles, Pat Caratan, Bryan Lynn, Chris Nielsen, Cambria Nielsen, Ezekial Espanola, Sam Sikola, Angelica Sanchez, Jesus Rivera, Moises Cervantes, and great workers: Febe Medina, Jaime Garcia, Mario Garcia, Rene Garcia, Noah Ragsdale, Robbie Katano, and Bruce Jones! 


Now, it is time to open the new place after 20 years of planning and 20 months of construction. 

• World Records opens July 5th /Wednesday at 11 AM. 

That doesn’t sound like such a big deal.  But consider this, we had a very difficult time finding a bank that would help finance our project.  Know why?  Each bank needed an example of a record store that has its own bona fide concert venue.  We looked everywhere coast to coast and couldn’t find one.  Fortunately, we DID find a bank willing to take a chance on the first, and maybe the only record store in America that will have its own concert venue.

So yeah, tomorrow, July 5, 2017, at 11 AM, our record store opens its doors under the same roof as our concert venue…in Bakersfield, California of all hip places.  Good luck wrapping your head around that one!

• And… up comes Part 86 of the No Stinkin’ Service Charge Blues Series –
Jimmy Thackery and The Drivers
Gina Sicilia
Saturday, July 22 at World Records
Doors 6 PM.  Dinner served 6 to 6:30.  Concert 7:30.

How cool is that?!  THANK YOU to everyone who has made this moment possible.  It that’s you, take a moment and savor a bit of good news.

Gratefully – Pat

Patrick Evans owner
2815 ‘F’ Street 
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Where Music Matters Most since 1982