Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen –
Jimmy Thackery - World RecordsWhen the temperature turns up in Bake, people that can escape to the coast for the weekend give you that look.  You know, the look that says, “I’m leaving, because I can.  I made good decisions in life.  You?  You’re stuck here, watching the Golden Empire get ever more golden.”

THIS weekend, you don’t have to take that.  Because JIMMY THACKERY is coming to Bakersfield, not Pismo.

I have to get out my concert scrapbook to know for sure, but for now, I believe the year was 2005 when we put on a show with Mountain, you know, the band with the huge 1970 hit, “Mississippi Queen.”  It was Leslie West, Corky Laing, and Richie Scarlett, and they were going to thrill the audience that included every Bakersfield rock guitarist alive. 

Months before the Mountain show, I received a call from Jimmy Thackery’s agent asking about the same date.  We had been spinning Jimmy’s latest album at the store, LOVED it, and decided to book Jimmy to play an opening set before Mountain. 

Well, all those Bakersfield guitarists foamed over Jimmy Thackery.  Jimmy owned the night.  The crowd called him back for three encores… as the OPENER!

I learned something that night.  A band better be careful about who plays before them.  And also, DON’T play after Jimmy Thackery!

I’m pretty excited about Saturday night.  So far in the new place, we’ve had Elvin Bishop, Coco Montoya, and Spyro Gyra.  All three artists are very different from each other.  And all three artists confirmed what we worked so long for – a music center that sounds incredible.  With Jimmy Thackery we step out in yet another music direction.  Jimmy is a gritty, rock and roll guitarist, who anchored the legendary Midwest blues band, The Nighthawks, for many years before stepping out on his own for a solo career that now spans 23 albums.

I’ve been playing his latest album, ‘Spare Keys,’ a lot.  Here’s an April performance of the first track, “Candy Apple Red,” that shows Jimmy as a fan of cool, surf-tinged instrumentals –

Let that video finish and it will take you to a succession of songs from that same performance.  Once you get to Jimmy’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” you will know what to do – Get your tickets!

Yes, Get Your Tickets!  You’ll be very happy you stuck around this weekend for a rare, and very COOL chance to see Jimmy Thackery!  Pat

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