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Mike Zito
Album Release Tour – “Life Is Hard”
Part 120 of the No Stinkin’ Service Charge Blues Series!

Friday May 17, 2024

Mike Zito
Mike Zito is one of the most lauded artists in the contemporary blues arena today and rightfully so, but for him, the thing that counts the most is maintaining his honesty, authenticity and integrity. Those are the qualities that have steered Zito’s career since the beginning and continue to define every effort he’s offered since.
Live and Onstage
@ World Records Friday May 17, 2024

“I have nothing to hide; it seems my honesty is what people relate to most,” he once told Vintage Guitar magazine. “Anders (Osborne) told me early on, ‘If you don’t believe what you’re singing, you’ll never be a good singer.’ I try not to write fluff; I try to make every word count.”

Naturally, patience and perseverance have been Zito’s stock and trade since the beginning. He began playing guitar at the age of five, and by the time he reached his late teens, he was already a fixture on the local St. Louis music scene.


New Album!
Mike Zito
Life Is Hard

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“In January of last year, I was considering the idea of making an album about the tragedy of my wife Laura having cancer. I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, but she was very encouraging of the process. I knew I could not write an entire album about this experience and my feelings, but I wanted to write at least one meaningful song that encapsulated my emotions. One morning I was sitting with guitar in hand at the dining room table with a coffee by my side. I played a chord and sang “Forever My Love” at the top of my lungs. Laura came into the room and said “What was that? Is that a song you’re going to write?” I said, “I think so, do you like it?” She had an excited look on her face as she said “Yes, I like it a lot.” It just came to me so I went with it and the rest came so fast and easy. The best songs usually come out of nowhere and are very easy to write, like I am not really writing the song I am just the interpreter. The song was written, but I played it and sang it over and over throughout the year. Every morning I would sit at the table and sing it loud and she would listen. She would tell me how much she loved the song, she was really proud. We had hoped she would live long enough to hear the finished version, but that didn’t happen. But, she heard me sing this song 100 times to her at our house last year, and she knew you were going to love it.” — Mike Zito

“Life Is Hard is a complete work of art for me,” says Mike Zito about the new disc. “I believe this is the best album I’ve ever made in my life. My wife Laura and I planned this idea of pouring my heart out in music after her death from cancer.

Joe, Josh and the incredible musicians were fully aware of the task at hand. They brought a lot of emotion to the music. I am so proud of this album and I know Laura would be proud as well.” 


He initially released his music independently and then signed with Eclecto Groove Records in 2008. “Pearl River,” the title track of his 2009 album for the label, won Song of the Year at the Blues Music Awards and marked his first collaboration with Cyril Neville, with whom he’d later work in the Royal Southern Brotherhood. A steady succession of critically acclaimed albums followed, culminating in 2011’s Greyhound, which was nominated for Best Rock Blues Album at that year’s Blue Music Awards ceremony in Memphis. Two years later, he signed with Ruf Records and released Gone to Texas, the story of how he gained his sobriety, offered an emotional homage to the state that left an indelible imprint on his entire life. 

“I have songs in me and musical ideas all of the time,” volunteers Mike Zito. “I write what I can, when I can and try to save it all for posterity. Some of the songs are just songs and they don’t always have meaning for me, and some of them become very personal. For me to sing songs and feel them with real emotion, they need to be somewhat personal. Even songs I did not write, I need to feel they explain a part of my thinking or how I am feeling about love, sex, life, death, the world…”

Mike Zito
– Live and Onstage

@ World Records Friday May 17, 2024! 

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