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What to Know about Coco-Lady Luck came knocking 3 times to change Coco Montoya’s life. First, in 1969 when he went to see a Credence Clearwater Revival and Iron Butterfly concert. Blues legend Albert King also played that night and instantly turned  Coco into a blues fan.

The second time Lady Luck knocked was in 1972. Blues heavyweight Albert Collins needed a drummer and Coco was at the right place at the right time to join the tour.  Because of this chance of a lifetime, Coco was able to spend the next five years honing his guitar skills under the eye of Albert Collins.

The third time was in 1983 when John Mayall walked into a bar where Coco was playing and hired Coco as guitarist for the Bluesbreakers, a position formerly held by Eric Clapton, Peter Green and Mick Taylor. Montoya spent 10 years with Mayall  before stepping out on his own. With his first release in 1996, he won ‘Best New Artist’ award and has gone on to release 8 highly-praised, commercially-successful albums. His latest is “Hard Truth”.  Give it a listen and give yourselves a great night out at World Records.

Get Coco’s latest release“Hard Truth”, & ALL of Coco’s releases at World Records.
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All tickets sold at World Records – 2901 F Street  661-831-3100
Tue – Fri 11 AM to 6 PM.  Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM

Eric Sardinas and his band stunned the No Stinkin’ Service Charge Blues Series audience when they visited back in May, 2011. World Records was packed the next morning with folks who NEEDED to talk about what they had experienced the night before. We promptly called Eric’s agent and asked him to PLEASE find a way for Eric to return to Bakersfield a year and a half later to play the 2012 B-Town Blues Fest.

Critics have described Eric Sardinas’ music as a never-known marriage of Heavy Metal and Delta Blues. He plays a very traditional acoustic instrument and draws upon influences from all over the musical map, especially from the Delta Blues artists of the 1920’s and 30’s, to create a sound all his own. Sardinas’ plays a resonator guitar. Resonator guitars have a metal cone under the guitar top to make it louder than a standard acoustic. They were developed in the 1920’s, before the era of guitar amplification, so guitars could be loud enough to play alongside horns and percussion instruments.

Sardinas grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in a home filled with music. “My parents played a lot of Soul, Motown, R&B, anything from Ray Charles, Gospel. And I started discovering the Blues from there. I was lucky enough to have a family that loved music and surrounded me with it. And they took me to concerts. My first concert was ELVIS, when I was six! It doesn’t get any bigger than that I don’t think. It left a lasting impression on me. Whatever brought me to this point, I’m sure a lot of it blossomed from that.

“When I was young I’d buy records with my allowance, go to the used record store…bought a John Lee Hooker record and was like, ‘Wow.’ Robert Johnson, ‘Wow.’ As I discovered blues music I was like, ‘Well what was before that, and what was before that?’ I think that’s when I found the traditional straight-ahead first-generation stuff like Delta blues…Elmore James, Charlie Patton, Bukka White, Son House, and all of the real straight traditional stuff like Country Blues, Texas Blues, like Blind Lemon & Lightning Hopkins, and all of the traditional Chicago stuff. I would discover these artists one at a time.

“I also have a brother who’s 8 years older than me, who was listening to Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Blue Oyster Cult and KISS. So I knew Rock & Roll. I was exposed to it. I wasn’t in a Blues bubble. I was a normal kid in one way. I had a lot of exposure to music in both elements. I think those two fibers made the rope that I’m climbing.”
Eric Sardinas moved to LA in 1990 and spent nine years constantly practicing and performing and developing his sound before releasing his first album, ‘Treat Me Right,’ in 1999. He’s currently touring in support of his latest release, ‘Boomerang.’

“I’ve been playing slide since I was 11, drilling pickups into my resonators when I was 14 years old. I have almost 6,000 concerts under my belt. I’m proud to say that each album of mine has been a growing process. I recorded with Johnny Winter on the first record so people could see how different we are. If you can hear something in my style that resonates something…you’re probably right…because everybody comes from something. If you love Stevie Ray, you should probably listen to Albert Collins and Freddie King…and Hendrix. Everybody’s inspirations come from places. I’ve been lucky to have submerged myself in the depths of Delta Blues, Texas, Country and Chicago Blues. What you do with your inspirations is what makes you. You have to find that, and make it your own.

Nobody that has seen an Eric Sardinas show needs to be told that Eric brings an amazing amount of energy and passion to the stage. “People sometimes don’t understand that there’s a freedom, a release of energy, a circular motion that’s going on at a concert. You’re not watching tv. You’re in a live experience. When the edge of the stage blurs, and people forget that there’s that line there; that makes me happy. Thank you for loving the music, and for having a life with music fulfilling it. And thank you for allowing me to be part of it.”

Get Eric’s latest release“Boomerang”, & ALL of Eric’s releases at World Records.
Artist Website – Eric Sardinas official website