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Speaking of concerts, we have some big artists coming up:
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Elvin Bishop, Preacher Lawson Comedy, And More…
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Everyone wants to be proud of their town. But it takes effort to have a town to be proud of. And when it comes to World Records concerts, it takes a little effort, but the rest is really easy, and FUN, and INVIGORATING! The artists we select to feature at our theater, they are the foundation of the music version of the food pyramid – artists that aspiring artists draw inspiration from, recording artists, world-wide touring artists, artists whose life work is to spread meaning through music.

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Elvin Bishop
Part 121 of the No Stinkin’ Service Charge Blues Series!
Saturday June 15, 2024
Tickets Now On Sale!

Elvin Bishop
– Live and Onstage @ World Records
Saturday June 15, 2024

Elvin Bishop has always been big fun and is the ringmaster in his own blues circus. With Willy Jordan and Bob Welsh, Bishop whomps out tough, muscular and rollicking boogie-infused blues.” – No Depression

Album at World Records by: Elvin Bishop – Big Fun Trio – “Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here”
The Big Fun Trio quickly discovered the more they played live, the more fun they had making music together. So a follow-up recording was an easy decision. The album, Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here, finds the group fearlessly laying it all on the line. According to Elvin, “With a trio there’s no place to hide­—you’ve got to be pourin’ everything you got right out front. You need to be totally into it all the time. It’s really cool to see how people react to the goin’-for-it feel of the music.”
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Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen –
Sure has been nice to have folks back in World Records, flipping through CDs and LPs, checking out the Boytone record players and Audio-Technica turntables, picking out seats for upcoming concerts, getting just the right color WR t-shirts, and filling out to-s and from-s on those World Records gift certificates that every music lover longs for.

It’s easy to use the World Records Upcoming Shows Page to get up to speed about the terrific artists we have selected for upcoming concerts.

So, I hope you have a few minutes to “meet” these artists, whether or not you come to the concert.  It’s important that you know why we think a visit by these artists make our town a little better.
Thank you for taking time to read and for being the reason our store and our concerts continue! 

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World Records Theater is a great venue for receptions, reunions, parties, meetings, school proms, or other social events.

Stimulating Interior  Vaulted ceilings, reclaimed brick walls, multi-level floor, large stage, and modern restrooms. Seats over 500 people for lectures or 290 guests at banquet tables.

• User Friendly Great location near Hwy 99, 178, and Golden State. Huge, well lit parking lot. Full kitchen. Beer and wine bar. Experienced team to help with planning and logistics.

Great Acoustics Our theater was built from the ground up to sound fabulous!

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