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World  Records turns 30 this Saturday. Live music will help us mark the occasion. The  Flying Arvizu Brothers play inside from 9 AM to 10 AM. JT Butler and the Horizon  Blues Band will play in front of the store from 10 AM to 11 AM. The FIVE,  featuring BRUCE JONES, will play inside from 11 AM to 11:30  AM.

It’s a good  time to look back on where we came from as we look forward to a new  decade.

In February  1982, Scott Schwebel and I, who had been close friends since fourth grade, went  out in search of an album. We drove to each of Bakersfield’s five record stores.  None of them had the album. And worse, none of them cared. Not cool.

By the time  we got back to his house, Scott said we had to open our own store. I said, “No…OK.” After four months of construction, with immense help from family and  friends, World Records opened on June 12, 1982 at Oswell and Columbus. Scott and  I were 22 and 23 years old and had a record store. We thought that was pretty  cool.

We kept our ‘real’ jobs, thinking the store would be profitable on its own. Not quite. That September, Scott went out to  dinner with his fiancée Linda, said good night, and died in a wreck on the way  home. I spent four months trying to figure out which way was up. The store was  adrift and the staff ready to move on. I coped by quitting my financial analyst  job to focus on making Scott’s idea succeed.

To Scott  and me, a cool record store would be well-stocked, well-organized, have good  prices and a staff who cared more about the customer’s music than they did their  own. So this was the model I pursued. Lots of folks responded to the  effort. We gathered customers. Many  became friends on a first-name basis.

CDs began  showing up in the mid-eighties. By the end of the decade they were beginning to  squeeze out LPs and cassettes. Because  CDs were more expensive, customers wanted a way to make sure they were buying  something they would like. In 1992 we moved to Stockdale and Coffee in order to  showcase an addition to our business model three years before it started showing  up at other stores – headphone stations so customers could listen to anything we  stocked. More customers. More friends.

By the  mid-nineties several factors led us to make another addition to our model – put  on concerts, especially for artists that are highly respected, but not  well-known in Bakersfield. Put on shows as music fans on behalf of music fans.  Showcase people, not products. Therefore never  resort to ticketing service charges or commercial sponsors. Regularly partner  with local causes. More customers. More friends.

World  Records hummed along well into 2003 selling CDs and staging shows. Then the  ground began to shift. Recorded music was now digital and easy to pirate. Baby  boomers already owned most of the music they wanted. And the general economy was  heading into the tank. CD sales plummeted. Record labels desperate to move  inventory cut deals with Target, etc., so that CDs were selling up the street at  far below our cost. By 2007 most record stores in America had closed. If we were  just a business we also would have. But we weren’t. So we  didn’t.

In 2008 we  decided to move downtown to cut rent expense and get further away from the  Rosedale strip. Word of our ‘closing’ travelled fast and wide. By phone and by  foot we were inundated with people telling us how much the store means to them.  Most prefaced their remarks with apologies for not shopping at World Records  like they used to.

Our ‘closet’ of a store on G Street gave us a chance to assess our position. Let’s  see, we’ve made tons of friends over the years. They think our store is very  cool. They respect what we stand for. They tell us we make this community a  better place to live. They hope we’re doing really well and don’t want us to  close. But they no longer have a reason to visit.

A good  record store is a cool, disarming place to be. It houses the collective spirit  of artists that created masterpieces as well as artists that flashed for only a  moment. We’ve spent years watching people come to our store to take a break and  relax in the company of music and people who believe music matters. They come to  World Records to talk music and connect with their passion.

So World  Records bought, cleared out and moved into a large building on F Street that  will become the Dream Theater – a gathering place for people who love music.  With the record store as the backdrop, the Dream Theater will be a center where  people can break bread and immerse themselves in music. To be fully infused, a  center must be created by its community. Therefore the Dream Theater remodel  project will be made possible by ‘bricks,’ $100 contributions that get paid back  after four years. 202 people have their brick already. The ambitious remodel  begins with the 500th brick.

This letter arrived Saturday –

“You  don’t know me, but my wife was a frequent customer in you shop for many years.  Like you, music was one of the most important things in her life. She despised ‘big box’ music stores, and much preferred to go to places like World Records,  where she could talk to like-minded people like  yourself.

Sadly,  we lost Jane three years ago to cancer. I have enclosed her obituary to help you  remember who she was.

In  reading your emails, I’ve followed with interest your desire to establish the  Dream Theater. This is the kind of place Jane would love, and I know she would  support your efforts if she could. So, en lieu of Jane, I thought I would send a  gift in her memory.

This is  not a loan, as your notes suggest. But rather, please accept this as a voluntary  gift toward achieving the dream.”

Scott got  it started, and people like Jane helped keep it moving forward. No doubt, they  think this new phase for World Records is pretty  cool.

the maxim is considerably older

De laatste decennia heeft gedragsgenetisch onderzoek laten zien dat de mate waarin gedrag door genen en omgeving bepaald wordt, goed onderzocht kan worden met tweeling en adoptiestudies (McGue, 1993). Met diverse studies in verschillende landen waarin duizenden tweelingen onderzocht zijn, is inmiddels overtuigend aangetoond dat alcoholafhankelijkheid een erfelijke component heeft. De schaarsere gegevens op het gebied van afhankelijkheid van andere middelen laten een vergelijkbaar beeld zien (Merikangas et al., Replica Celine Bags 1998).

Cheap Celine Bags Replica According to some researchers, though, At least three commentators one Hebrew prophet, one Founding Father and one appellate judge have dated it back to the beginning of time. President, John Adams, was more modest and merely dated the saying (with n = “many” and for suffering) back to the beginning of laws, saying that “there never was a system of laws in the world, in which this rule did not prevail.” 50. Cheap Celine Bags Replica

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“I had a really good time, but it proved real necessary,” he says. “I thought at first, just give me a week, I don’t need six weeks. After that first week it became painfully I mean painfully physically apparent that you need a long time to get used to it.”.

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Former Inspector General for Admin RTC

Blonde with brown top and black jacket is Shelley Miscavige who is now missing. To her right Ray Mithoff, Former Inspector General for Tech RTC, reported to be in The Hole. To his right Mark Yager, reported to be in The Hole.

Replica Hermes Bags Dianne Armstrong says though she loves that her daughter Jaimie Webster keeps her up to date and introduces her to interesting friends, being busy in business together can sometimes mean they don’t get much time to “just be mother and daughter”. Christine Sharma too acknowledges the fine line between work and home, “making sure we are disciplined around family dinners that they don’t turn into a ‘work’ discussion and missing out on the other parts of our lives!”The closest we may have to a true fashion family, however, is the close knit one behind Zambesi, headed by a woman who has been described as the Godmother of New Zealand fashion. Elisabeth Findlay’s daughters Marissa and Sophie both work in the business, on fashion week shows, campaign imagery, show music, model casting, collection videos, their upcoming e store and more; and were brought up visiting the Zambesi workroom.”When I think about the environment the girls grew up in, they were immersed in fabric, pattern card and garments because I worked from home until they were both at school,” explains Findlay. Replica Hermes Bags

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Replica Hermes Birkin Bags Ocean Drive Magazine and Roche Bobois Celebrate Annual Art of the Party With Cover Star Heidi Klum: Ocean Drive magazine and luxury furniture brand Roche Bobois partnered to cohost Art of the Party at Roche Bobois Wynwood warehouse. The highly anticipated event, supported by BankUnited, Caroline Bay Bermuda, EFFEN Vodka, and Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour, unveiled the cover of Ocean Drive December issue, featuring Project Runway executive producer and Emmy Award winning host Heidi Klum. The event also debuted the Furtif Art Project and kicked off the feature film Vandal Replica Hermes Birkin Bags.

Costa Rica and New Zealand

Students in groups of 3 to 5 were asked to write an article on one of pre selected subjects related to Obesity. To ensure a ‘smooth’ registration, we organized an ‘Introduction to CZ’ tutorial during which all students requested their account. Students were also shown how to navigate in the site and were explained a series of ‘How to’ (edit, save, include references, pictures.).

Celine Bags Cheap After time “off” working in the arctic, Anna started her MSc at the University of Calgary with Lawrence Harder (again co supervised by Steve Johnson). Her MSc research explored the evolutionary and ecological consequences of pollen theft, using the florally diverse genus Aloe, in South Africa, as a study system. Between graduate degrees Anna worked at the Centre for Conservation Research at the Calgary Zoo, where she reunited with the shorebirds of the Canadian arctic and conducted both research and outreach on a variety of threatened taxa, especially amphibians. Celine Bags Cheap

Cheap Celine Bags Replica Survivor Michelle Knight performed Celine Dion Heart Will Go On in honor of her son, whom was taken away from her before she was kidnapped by Ariel Castro. It not known if she has been reunited with him since her escape from captivity.Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were held captive by Castro for over a decade. They escaped from his Seymour Avenue house on May 6. Cheap Celine Bags Replica

Enloe Conference Center, 1528 The Esplanade, Chico. Newly diagnosed patients, call for one on one appointment 1 800 227 2345. Information, 342 4657. Despite such creative inspiration, Thompson reveals that he “doesn’t watch a lot of music videos.””Occasionally, I’ll hear about a Replica Celine new show, and maybe I’ll get an idea,” he says. “A good example is American Idol. Forty five million people are watching that piece of crap, but you can’t help but get sucked in.”How popular do you think American Idol would be if they let those kids sing their own songs?” Thompson wonders, rhetorically.

Replica Celine Parker, Leeamber M. Perry, Jacob B. Puryear, Madison A. Kielar, Nicholas P. Killino, Ryan Manzo, Tyler A. Morgan, Ryan Orzel, James Segilia, John Segilia, David J. A loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Mildred Savoie Daigle died peacefully Wednesday evening, April, 1, 2009. She was born on Jan. 1, 1914, on Ella Plantation in Belle Rose and was a resident of Paincourtville. Replica Celine

Replica Celine Bags If the damage is confined to a small enough area. You may be able to simply patch that area in with sheetrock, tape and mud. Remove all the loose and damaged plaster from the ceiling. With the line between fact and fiction fast beginning to blur, Thomas loses his temper when Vanda suggests the play is merely about child abuse and he snarls that he detests critics who always have to find a subtext or a contemporary relevance for everything they see. She marvels that Dunajew seems to be both a feminist ahead of her times and an incarnation of Venus eager to make Kushemski see the error of his ways. But Thomas is equally amazed, as Vanda seems to know a good deal more about the play than she has been letting on and the pair slip in and out of character as they banter about ambiguity, control, fantasy and reality, and the tensions between the sexes Replica Celine Bags.